Concierge physical therapy and personal training for fast moving professionals in the greater Nashville Area.



Dr. Dustin Howard (Soon to be known as Executive PT) offers an elegant alternative​ to traditional physical therapy.

We utilize the combination of physical therapy and personal training with a wellness-based approach to optimize movement in order to alleviate pain and build sustainable strength. 

While traditional physical therapists are responsible for up to 18-20 patients per day...we limit our practitioners to just 35 per week.

In studio sessions in Franklin,  mobile sessions available to your home or office.


How Can You Help Me?

Biomechanical Analysis

This is where traditional methods of rehabilitation, fitness and performance perpetuate or cause an injury.  We conduct an in-depth analysis of posture, movement, strength and brain to body awareness and craft a custom program for the client.

Keep You Living at Your Peak

After the biomechanical factors have been addressed and corrected (how the individual originally moved prior to intervention), we craft a personal training program directed by physical therapists in order to strengthen and lock in the newly found connection from the brain to the body and prevent further injury.

Movement Optimization

After the assessment, we will fix movement patterns, strength deficits, soft tissue (muscle, tendon, skin, etc), and the brain to body connection related to how the individual moves.