Dr. Dustin Howard

Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer

About Me

7 years ago, I graduated physical therapy school with almost 6 figures in debt and was reminded by the U.S. government that I had to pay back those loans I took out.  I got my first job as a physical therapist seeing 4-5 clients per hour and quickly figured out this is not how I wanted to work with my clients because I could not focus enough on their problem to give them a REAL, long term solution…clients would say “I tried physical therapy and it just didn’t work for me”.  


I tried to find employers that would allow me to work with people motivated to get better in a way that made sense and helped them achieve their goals, but I quickly figured out that if I wanted to deliver this sort of service I would have to do so on my own outside of the umbrella of a corporate head (typically not run by physical therapists anyways).


That was when I met a gentleman who would become my first client.  I was able to hone in on where the pain in his hip was coming from so fast and provide him such relief in 1 session that he told me I should be doing this for myself and that people would be happy to work with me even though I didn’t “take insurance” because I actually solved his problem.


It’s a basic framework.  I listen to my client’s story, how it is affecting an individual, do a full assessment on how to correct the problem and implement.  The framework is the same across the board.  We start with calming down pain and then build the foundation for getting joints and muscles moving that are stuck and not moving…then we go through a “loading” phase where we put the affected site under small amounts of stress to mature the affected area causing it to heal itself and become stronger than it was before the injury.  Then we go through a “training” phase where we literally do physical therapist inspired personal training style workouts to make sure the individual is healthy and they either continue training with me or transition to group exercise or another trainer…but a lot of people choose to keep working with me.


Because of the results my clients get by going through my process, I have gotten the honor of working with Nashville’s most successful business owners, country, rock and christian music recording artists.


One in particular business owner came to me weighing 285# and wanting to lose at least 30# to start.  He knew this had a lot to do with the pain he was dealing with in his knees and knew it would help.  We used the framework above to start his weightless journey.  He is now down over 40# and the weight just keeps coming off.  He now has more energy than ever before and continues to get stronger every week.