Your Body was Made to Move: 5 Reasons to Keep Moving

We are in 2018. Everyone has a car, everyone has an iPhone (or should have one, because iPhone>Droid), everyone has a computer, everyone has a TV. With all these amazing technological advancements and time saving tools, we also have seen a significant reduction in how much we exercise and move. Our careers even for the most part tend to put us in constant sitting or standing positions for significant amounts of time without regular movement. Here are 5 reasons why you should be moving regularly throughout the day.

1) Sitting is the new smoking.

-Sitting for extended periods of time have been shown in research to have detrimental effects to our blood pressure, joint deterioration, leg circulation, and the list goes on. There are even documented cases of people who have gotten blood clots in their leg from sitting too long on a long flight overseas.

2) Exercise helps with balancing blood pressure.

-Regular exercise has been documented to have profound effects on reducing blood pressure. There many cases of individuals who were inactive and began to regularly exercise and change their diet. As a result, they were able to significantly reduce or come off their blood pressure medication under the supervision of their physician.

3) Arthritis pains are reduced and or eliminated with exercise.

-Substantial evidence supports strengthening muscles and joints affected with arthritis. Think of it like shocks on a car. Your muscles act as the shocks reducing the impact on the joints. For perspective, see the images below coparing a 70 year old triathlete vs a 74 year old sedentary man. You can easily spot the difference in muscle and fat tissue. The difference between them is, fat does not help joints move, it actually puts more pressure on them.

4) All the feels.

-Your body loves to move so much it actually releases a chemical called endorphins. These are feel good chemicals naturally produced by the body after exercise. Have you ever noticed how most people who regularly exercise are often smiling? There is a good reason why...

5) Your body was designed to respond to resistance.

-The body is an incredible machine. In its infrastructure there are cells which create new bone and muscle tissue. They reproduce themselves and create more of themselves. How they grow is fascinating. Resistance. When the body undergoes resistance through weight lifting, running, stretching, etc., it causes new cells to begin to grow. Strength training has even been documented to show increased bone density in individuals with loss of bone mass.

So whatever you choose to do. Whether going on a walk, barre, crossfit, yoga, or chase your dog down a walking trail...JUST GET ACTIVE! Your body depends on it! If you have questions as to how to get moving or have difficulty with exercise and need guidance, feel free to schedule a free phone call with the doctor and find out how you can get active.

-Dr. D

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