I made the double play, but my arm went numb. Labral Tear...3 Things to Do to Keep Your Shoulder Intact.

April 19, 2019



It was junior year of high school.  I was starting at short stop, number 2 batter and I would go on to make All-Conference team that year.


Things were going great until I went to turn the hardest double play I've ever turned.  I mean I put everything into the throw...like everything...then POP.  It didn't really hurt much, but my arm went numb from the back of my triceps to fingertips.  


The feeling quickly came back and I thought I was ok.


But then I noticed something.  When I tried to use my arm to really throw hard, I would get this POP and the arm would go numb.  Every. Single. Time.


I knew something was wrong, but it never really hurt.


I actually played the rest of my high school days and 2 years of division 2 college.  All the while throwing hard, POP, Numb.


Until I began to strengthen the 💩 out of my shoulder blade and rotator cuff.  Then it got better and better to the point I really didn't feel it.  


This was while I was already in college.  But I had already torn the labrum.


What's really interesting about it is, I never hurt in my shoulder.  I had soreness, but never really pain.  


I did, however, really really hurt my elbow because I decided to start changing my throwing mechanics that used mostly the elbow and not the body to throw.


If you read my last post on Tommy John Surgery, you know I really hurt my elbow.  But, lucky for me I didn't tear my UCL and realized my mistake and went back to throwing normally.




Here are 3 things to do to avoid this happening to you:


1) Start a good rotator cuff strengthening program...not just the thrower's 10.  It's a decent start, but honestly it doesn't come near close enough to getting you the strengthening you actually need to avoid an injury.


2) Strengthen the Shoulder Blade...the shoulder blade is THE ANCHOR and THE RUDDER to shoulder movement.  Without it, you're reliant on one of the MOST UNSTABLE joints in the body to guide your movement.


3) Start a performance strength program that emphasizes dynamic stability (stability of the shoulder with movement) and the brain/body connection.  We can talk about the brain/body connection later...in fact it's entirely necessary, for athletes of any kind, but especially for younger athletes.


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-Dr. D


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