How to Perfect Your Pushup

[How to perfect your push-up so you don’t hurt yourself working out while sheltering I’m from COVID-19.] - Video at the bottom.

We have all seen the challenge to do 10 push-ups and challenge 10 other people to do them as well. Push-ups are highly effective but way too many people are doing push-ups the wrong way and it puts your shoulders and back at risk for injury.

Here’s how to do it correctly. 1) Get to a neutral spine position. Rib cage and pelvis in alignment with a good bit of tension in the abdominals to take pressure off the spine.

2) Make sure your shoulder blades are in the right position! Letting them fall back on the upper back in the retracted or backwards position puts way too much pressure on the shoulder itself. Make sure you press through enough to keep tension in the shoulder blades taking pressure of the shoulders themselves.

3) Triceps or Chest? Well that depends on what you’re working. Tricep push-up, keep the arms at the side to work the triceps. Chest, widen your hand placement slightly and let the elbows go out wider.

Like this video? Share it and challenge someone to do 10! Then tag me in it so I can see how awesome you’re doing with your push-up.

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