How to Perfect Your Squat While Weathering COVID-19

How to Perfect Your Squat [COVID-19 Bodyweight Exercises continued…because the exercise equipment is STILL not in supply in stores] - Video at the bottom.

I see so many people that I get out of pain or am doing personal training for that have a TERRIBLE squat that puts way too much pressure on their knees.

Here’s how to do it correctly.

1. Grip the floor with your toes. This naturally opens the hips and allows the knees to track correctly.

2. Hinge at the hips and then begin your squat down letting the hips open up as you drop into the squat.

3. If doing an air squat let those hands go forward so you can maintain your center of balance.

4. Don’t let those knees go way out in front of the toes. It’s ok for them to go slightly in front of the toes depending on your thigh bone length (that’s a much longer anatomy discussion)

Happy Squatting! Stay strong and keep moving!

-Dr. D