Greg Nowicki Testimonial

Greg is a highly successful business owner down here in Franklin, TN that came to me with joint pain 4 months ago.

He came to me for 1 simple reason. He has worked out numerous times, lost weight and always ended back up in injury...putting his weight BACK ON.

He wanted someone he could work with and address all his injury.

With all the pain, especially in his knees and all the surgeries he had we were able to work around and build up strength and mobility to provide him the complete package he needed to lose the weight without getting injured AGAIN.

He is down now 42#.

And he is now doing things he never imagined ever being able to do again. Greg is an amazing human being and I could not be more excited about his progress and where he is headed!

Now to drop another 40#. You guys won't even recognize him next time!

-Dr. D

If you would like to book a FREE virtual consultation with Dr. Dustin to get the same results that Greg has gotten over the past 4 months to finally lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF...either send an email to, call 615-815-9953, or fill out the contact form below and we will schedule a consultation.

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