How to perfect your LUNGES so you don’t hurt your KNEES working out while sheltering in from COVID-1

[How to perfect your LUNGES so you don’t hurt yourself working out while sheltering I’m from COVID-19.] - Video at the bottom.

Continuing on with the body weight series today we have 3 variations of lunges…I want you to do these correctly so you don’t have to come to me with knee pain!

Here’s how to do it correctly.

1) Like the squat video yesterday, start by gripping the floor with your toes.

2) Drop backwards into the lunge and go through PAINFREE range ONLY. Pay attention to your body.

3) Make sure your knee is tracking the right way (slightly outward so we don’t create knee cap tracking issues and knee cap pain)

Here are the variations:

1) Standard lunge: Just simply drop backwards, then press through and stand back up.

2) Lunge with march: Same as the standard lunge, but when you press through coming back up you bring the leg that went backwards up into a march.

3) Lunge with plyo march: Same as lunge with march, but give a bit of a jump with it. This one is HIGHLY effective for increasing heart rate and getting you SWEATING!

Happy Lunging!

-Dr. D

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