Brett Young (Country Music Artist) Testimonial

Brett Young (Country Music Artist) had just gotten back from playing shows in Europe when COVID hit hard…to the point he himself decided there might have been a chance he was exposed and self quarantined on his tour bus to protect his family.

He was having a strange pain in his ribs that he and his doctor couldn’t figure out and there was no way for them to get assistance due to his being quarantined.

So I got a call from his doctor to do a video consultation with him…one I would normally do in person.

From our first session together, I could tell he was in a tremendous amount of pain just by looking at his movement patterns (especially

the look on his face with those painful movements)

Even though we were on video, we locked in and figured out where it was coming from…and it wasn’t even really his rib…it was his spine.

We figured out how to unlock the movement in his spine to get the mobility back that was missing and causing his pain to radiate into the ribs.

Along with that his core strength was really weak and he couldn’t tolerate any sort of loading with weight or resistance.

By the second session his pain was 80% improved with pain, discomfort and flexibility.

By the third time we met, we had a full on workout session to 1) test his body and 2) to begin loading it to keep this pain from coming back.

So grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Brett. He is an amazing human being and genuinely one of the kindest people I have ever met.

I’m thankful that he is not only painfree, but he is also back with his family and new baby!

-Dr. D

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