Dr. Dustin's Physical Therapy and Personal Training Testimonials


I fell and had tension in my back, causing a lot of pain from my neck down to my shoulder. This resulted in limited mobility of my neck and shoulders. I tried taking medication (ibuprofen) to ease the pain and tried stretching my back with a foam roller, assuming the pain would just go away with rest. After a couple days of no relief, I reached out to Dr. Howard. Dr. Howard's approach was different because it was a simple stretch I would have never done on my own and didn't require any medication. The first few times I did the stretch, I didn't notice a huge difference. Dr. Howard followed up with me and gave me a few tips to try if the pain didn't resolve. By the end of the day after I did the stretch every 2 hours like he recommended, the pain was released from my shoulder, which started to increase my mobility. I continued the stretches the next day and the pain was also gone from my neck and didn't return after exercise, which would normally add more tension to that area of my body. Dr. Howard followed up again after a few days to make sure the stretch successfully released the tension and pain, and gave me tips on how to prevent the same pain from coming back in the future. Now that this issue has been resolved, I am able to teach fitness classes again without any pain and not be in a constant state of discomfort during my day. While this issue was only temporary, I am also equipped to handle neck pain more successfully in the future.


I was in so much knee pain when I called Dustin for help. I could not put weight on my knee without intense, shooting pain. The pain was so great that the only other thing I could think to do was go to the emergency room. The way Dustin approached my injury was with confidence and compassion. He is very knowledgeable of the body and how it works. He talked me through the entire assessment. He explained to me his findings in a way where it made complete sense to me. After he was finished, I stood up and felt NO PAIN. "Are you serious?" were my only words. Being someone who has always been very active in sports, this injury was frustrating and overwhelmed. I am back to boxing, working out, and can work with no pain. I am so thankful to Dustin for his wisdom, knowledge, kindness, and time. Amazing experience!



I saw Dr. Howard for pain in my tailbone which began 1/2 way through my first pregnancy and got better 2 months postpartum only to return during my second pregnancy fairly continuous until seeing him.  Prior to our session, I had the pain on and off about 5 years.  Some months were good and some months I was in continuous pain.  About 8 months before seeing him, I decided to try to find relief.  I saw one medical provider and was about to see another prior to my visit with him.  Already, I spent $500 and was recommended by the second provider to undergo a 6 month treatment for $1500.   Before beginning this recommended treatment, I saw Dr. Howard.   His approach was really very gentle, but I think what he did that was the most different was he asked a lot of questions and listened to me.  Then we went through the assessment and exercises and he continued to ask me how it was feeling.  He always assured me that it should not hurt excessively (I’m a no pain, no gain kind of person, so this was a different way to think!).  Dr. Howard was all about me moving my body myself and the exercises he gave me were really simple and easy to do. I only saw Dr. Howard one time and my 5 years of pain was gone in just a few minutes with one session and has not returned.  I continued his recommended exercise routine for about a week to ensure the pain didn’t come back.  I figured when/if the pain returned I would have my exercises to go back to, but it has been about 4 months at this point and I have yet for the pain to return.  Anyone with chronic pain knows you just learn to live with the pain and begin to accept continuous pain as your new norm (I never took any kind of pain medication).  That is what my life looked like for 5 years, if I sat too long, it would get really painful, if I stood too long, it would get really painful, I was just constantly adjusting my body to try to get in a position to relieve the pain.  After a long day of working on my feet, I would have to spend the entire next day laying in bed.  Constant pain just kind of sucks the life out of you without you really even knowing it. It is very freeing for your new norm to be pain free.  It actually really blew my mind that Dr. Howard took away 5 years worth of pain in about 5 minutes.